Mon, 05/23/2016 - 10:44

A clean warehouse saves you time and money

A clean working environment is critical in a facility where food products are stored – not only to meet the strict warehouse regulations of inspecting agencies but also to ensure customer satisfaction.

As one of the US’ most important third party logistics experts company, the C&S Wholesale’s Logistics Unit, ES3, pays particular importance to cleanliness in their warehouses. This used to result in an exorbitant amount of cleaning costs and require a complex warehouse cleaning procedure. Today, ES3 has cut their cleaning expenses dramatically by reducing the dust level in their warehouses by 80 %!

How did ES3 manage to lower these costs? They installed the industrial air purification system Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. See for yourself and contact our expert for further information:

Bob Matthews - Vice President of Sales and Operation Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA
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