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Legislation is behind: why indoor air quality also matters

The quality of outdoor air is widely regulated to protect our health. So much so that a variety of measures such as driving bans, have been put in place. But, have you ever considered that the air inside your factory or warehouse might be even more polluted than the outside air? We show you why legislation is behind.


A clean warehouse is good for your health

The great outdoors is increasingly under threat from pollution and urban development. As a result, regulations have been put in place to monitor the quality of air. The EU and World Health Organisation have set the limit on breathable pollutant particles in outdoor air at max 50 micrograms per cubic meter (50μg/m³ of PM10 size); this cannot be exceeded more than 35 times a year.

While the numbers themselves may not mean much to you, the impact of taking such action might: driving bans have been imposed throughout Europe with measuring stations set up in major cities to continuously check particle concentrations. As a result, many logistics companies share information via their websites about where and when they have had to take trucks off the road and rework their operating schedules to meet these requirements, challenging delivery timelines.

Maintaining outdoor air quality is important for all our health. However, considering how much time we spend inside at work, don’t you think we should be paying attention to indoor air too?

This will leave you breathless

Indoor air is not regulated to the same extent as outdoor air and many people don’t realize that the quality of air in factories, warehouses or on production sites is often far worse. What’s more, exposure to high levels of indoor air pollution can lead to serious health issues including heart attacks, strokes and possibly diabetes.

To determine how dangerous indoor air at work really is, Zehnder studied the levels of particle matter within the air at 100 warehouses and logistics centers owned by various companies across Europe. The results were shocking: 82 % of the locations exceeded the outdoor air pollutant particle limit of 50 μg/m³, with levels far beyond 150 μg/m³ measured in a quarter of the companies. In other words, the air quality in these workplaces was equivalent to busy streets in cities that enforce driving bans to help reduce their dangerously high outdoor air pollution.

Your employees’ health is at risk

These findings are worrying and quite rightly raise the issue of employee health. Most people spend about eight hours a day at work, and can suffer hugely from a lack of clean air in the workplace. The British Medical Journal has published research that indicates that an increase in pollutants by only 10μg/m³ of air, can increase the probability of cardiac problems for those exposed on a regular basis by 13 %.

It is in the best interests of all employers to reduce the amount of polluted air circulating at work and safeguard the health of their employees: fit employees are less prone to getting sick, resulting in a reduction in absenteeism, and therefore an improvement in productivity.

A clean warehouse or workplace starts with clean air and this can be achieved with the installation of an industrial air purification system.

The benefits of industrial air purification

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions filters the air in your factory or warehouse, keeping it clean by dramatically reducing the amount of dust particles allowed to settle on machines, products or people. In fact, the installation of our system can reduce the dust on your production site by up to 90  %.

The quality of air indoors is just as important for the health of you and your company as the quality of air outdoors. Installing an industrial air purification system can provide a cleaner workplace, creating a safer, healthier environment for your employees - and your business.


Bob Matthews - Vice President of Sales and Operation Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA
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