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Have you ever considered that air cleaning can boost margins?

In today’s world companies have plenty of opportunities to achieve high profits – if they adopt a smart approach.

However, as you are constantly striving to cut costs, boost productivity and make more sales, increasing profit margins is easier said than done. Have you considered how an efficient air purification system can help you meet these targets?


Improve your reputation

The reputation of your company plays a key role in its long-term growth. Inadequate processes and insufficient quality put it at risk.

Installing air cleaning technology in your working environment will ensure that goods are clean and processes run smoothly – simply by reducing dust particles by up to 90 %.

A clean site will yield positive inspection results that will reaffirm your company’s high standard of service. And ensuring that clean goods are delivered on time will do wonders for your company’s reputation whilst keeping your customers happy.


Save money

Finding ways to reduce operating costs while maintaining standards is an age old struggle for businesses across the globe. But it does not have to be.

Maintain a clean working environment and you can easily reduce cleaning costs, maintenance requirements and business interruptions.


Increase productivity

A clean and healthy working environment will improve employee productivity and boost employee morale. It may sound simple, but if your employees are sick, they can’t work. But thanks to air cleaning systems this is avoidable.

We have found that providing your employees with clean, filtered air will reduce employee absence by up to 40 %. A healthier workforce is a more productive one. And a more productive workforce is a more profitable one.


Increase efficiency

Becoming more efficient will boost your bottom line. This statement will not come as news to many, but you might not have linked efficiency to a need for clean air.

A clean working environment will ensure the smooth running of your machinery, without unexpected interruptions and the unnecessary costs that come with them.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions can reduce equipment downtime by up to 10 % and maintenance requirements by up to 30 %. That means less downtime, a more efficient working environment and increased profits.

Processes that function reliably and efficiently will increase your competitiveness in the market and boost your reputation over time. Do not wait for your competitors to take advantage of the economic growth. With the help of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, you can grow your profit margins, too.

Bob Matthews - Vice President of Sales and Operation Zehnder Clean Air Solutions USA
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