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How to achieve customer satisfaction

Balancing customer retention and acquisition is an ongoing challenge for most organisations. New business is vital to your company’s growth, but often expensive to attract, and existing customers rightfully expect a dedicated service that is 100% focused on them. It can be tricky to get right but the logistics and manufacturing sectors are beginning to realise how to achieve customer satisfaction and win new business - at the same time.



It all depends on providing a good customer experience first and foremost. In fact, a Gartner study states that ‘supporting and understanding the fully contextualised customer’ has become a supply chain industry trend.

How your customers engage with your business offers a wealth of information that can inform your go-to-market and operational support strategies. Leading manufacturers and logistics companies are using customers’ needs and behaviours to develop tailored, relevant solutions that keep their existing customers satisfied and help acquire new ones.

How do they do it? Read on. We’ve outlined some important considerations to help guide your retention and acquisition strategies. 


Happy customers = new business


If your existing customers are satisfied with the products or services they receive, they will talk, post and tweet about it. It’s the best marketing buzz any company could hope for: it’s unsolicited and doesn’t cost anything. Of course the converse is also true – a bad customer experience shared publicly can result in expensive reputational damage that can take years to recover from. In other words, it absolutely pays to focus on improving your customer experience now.

Expensive advertising campaigns aimed at attracting new business don’t always achieve the desired return on investment and can end up costing your company more in the long-run. However, when your customers are your brand ambassadors and recommend your business to their network, prospects will come to you. According to Nielsen, when choosing a product or service, 84% of consumers trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends.

Most positive online reviews are worth their weight in gold. BrightLocal states that 88% of people trust what other consumers have to say as much as they trust recommendations from their personal contacts.

It’s an undisputable fact: to win new business you have to have an existing base of happy customers – who willingly share their positive experience of your company as far and wide as possible. Here are some ways to achieve this:


Encourage positive reviews


How you engage with your customers will influence how they review you on or offline. Today’s consumers are not just passive listeners – they talk back and expect an almost instant response. Two-way dialogue is possible with social media and online forums so make sure you are present and active, encouraging positive reviews with timely assistance and feedback.


Deliver a good service


No matter how quick and on-point your online presence is, if your actual goods or services are not up to scratch, your customer satisfaction ratings will drop. Make sure that all your systems and processes are operating efficiently and that your customers are receiving products on time, in good condition and at the agreed upon price. If needs be, invest in new software that will streamline your operations and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Keep your factory clean


The cleanliness of your factory or warehouse is as important as the quality of your goods. Customers or prospects will form an opinion of your product based on where it is manufactured or stored. If your site is dirty and disorganised, they will believe the same to be true of your products and services – even if it’s not! Avoid any negative commentary by making sure your workplace is always clean and ready for any surprise customer visits.

Improving your customer experience is not as difficult as you may think – and can contribute hugely to your overall business growth. Focus on ensuring that your existing customers are happy and their increased satisfaction will attract new business for you.



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