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Creating a clean room effect – make your production area more hygienic

A hygienic production environment is critical to a lot of different industries. This is when business makers have to decide to implement a clean room to ensure quality during the production. But instead of building a clean room, there are other strategies worth a consideration as for example installing an industrial air purification system.


Items like ventilation hoses and flow sensors – like those produced by Zehnder customer Hamilton Medical – must minimize the material-related risk of infection for patients, and be created and packaged according to the 93/42/EEC European Directive and Good Manufacturing Practice.

Sticking to the highest possible standards of hygiene can make your company more effective, more compliant, and more attractive to customers. By creating a clean room effect, you can maintain this level of hygiene. But what exactly is a clean room?

Put simply, it’s a controlled environment designed to keep out pollutants such as dust and airborne microbes. These rooms are typically quite expensive, but, as Hamilton Medical found, creating a clean room effect doesn’t necessarily involve paying for an actual clean room. 

If you’re looking to create this effect and eliminate contamination from your production facility, there are three main aspects to focus on.


Internal surfaces and equipment


According to Pharm Out, the first priority should be to make sure that the surfaces within your clean area don’t generate contamination themselves; this effectively means they ought not to create dust, peel, or corrode. These surfaces should also be easy to clean – no distant ledges or hard-to-reach recesses.

Naturally, you’ll also need equipment to clean them: nothing that might shutter, crack, or fail at an inopportune moment – creating a mess that contaminates your ‘clean room’ and your products.


Air flow and quality

Creating a clean room effect requires keeping unfiltered air away from your facility. This requires continuous filtering – something Hamilton Medical knew all too well. The company’s production area needed immaculate conditions in order to reduce the amount of particles, germs, bacteria and viruses in the air, and it needed an affordable solution.

Accordingly, Hamilton Medical installed Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. The system’s effectiveness surprised the company and exceeded their expectations: general germ count was reduced by 73%, and particle count was reduced by 59%. The air in the facility was improved to the point where it corresponded to clean room classes 6-7, and to GMP classes B-C in some cases.

Installing Zehnder Clean Air Solutions helped the company by creating a clean room effect – without the expense of an actual clean room. “The Zehnder air cleaning equipment has now become an integral part of the production infrastructure and is therefore vital for compliance with the high hygiene standards which Hamilton Medical has set for itself,” said Hamilton Medical Head of Respiratory Care Supplies, Dr. Hans von Pfuhlstein,


Day-to-day operations


Simply creating a clean room effect isn’t enough: you must be able to sustain it. When your facility is up and running, you need to make sure that it’s set up to reduce the chances of contamination on an ongoing basis.

The first thing to do is limit access to the clean area. That means ensuring that as few members of staff can enter as possible, and it means that those who are should be trained to work within it. It also means regular cleaning and maintenance of the area to prevent the emission of unnecessary fumes – including routinely changing the filters in your air vents.

Though a true clean room may be too expensive for many companies, creating a clean room effect is very doable. Get started today: your products will be cleaner, your processes more efficient, and your customers will be grateful.

To discuss your clean air solution, get in touch with one of Zehnder’s experts today.



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