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Three tips on how to retain your top talent

Your company is only as good as the people who work for it. Which means you have to source your staff carefully and hire wisely; often quite challenging when time is tight but hugely beneficial in the long-term. Hiring the wrong people can become very expensive so your goal is two-fold: 1) you need to find and attract the right people to join your team and 2) once on-board, you need to do everything you can to make sure they stay happy and healthy in their role - and thus loyal to your company.

You want your employees to want to come to work. To achieve this, you need to create an attractive, clean working environment that is positive, rewarding and comfortable. Anything less and you may lose valuable staff members who contribute significantly to your overall business. Here are our three tips on how to keep your employees satisfied.   


Challenge your employees (and reward them for a job well done)


Monotony breeds boredom and bored employees are unproductive. Regardless of their actual roles, look for ways to motivate your staff to work better. You could set new individual or team targets regularly, switch team members so that different people get a chance to work together or instil a culture of learning and incentivize your employees to study or train further.

When tough deadlines have been met, great work has been delivered or big goals have been reached, acknowledge it and reward the people responsible. When people feel challenged in their jobs and are working towards a satisfying outcome, they are more likely to enjoy what they do, and do it well.


Give your employees more than a salary


Of course money is important but to attract the top talent you’re looking for, and then to retain them, you need to offer additional value over and above their base salary. Think Google and its always-open gourmet cafeteria that caters to all its employees’ tastes. Or Airbnb and its $2000 travel allowance to encourage its staff to see the world. In fact, more than a third of employees nowadays seriously consider a prospective job’s perks and benefits before accepting it.

You don’t need to be as extreme as Google or Airbnb though; more common perks such as subsidized canteen meals or giving them time off on their birthdays won’t cost you much and can dramatically increase employee satisfaction and productivity.


Maintain a clean working environment


Workers are often concerned that their health problems are caused by the environment in which they work. As a result, more employees are now paying closer attention to the quality of their workplaces – and so should you. Sitting hunched over a computer, for example, can lead to serious physical complaints. Which is why an increasing number of companies is now offering standup workstations and midday yoga classes to get their employees up and moving.

According to NIOSH, exposing your staff to air-borne contaminants (in the form of gases and particles) from office machines, cleaning products, construction activities, carpets and furnishings and microbial growth (fungal, mould, and bacterial) to name a few, could impact their health and contribute to a high rate of employee absenteeism.

The right industrial air purification system can improve your warehouse or production site’s overall air quality, and help improve your employees’ wellbeing. When staff are happier and healthier, the workplace is a much more positive environment for everyone, and productivity increases which is a good boost for your business.

Ultimately, the quality of your workplace will determine the employees you attract and retain.  A clean working environment that values its people, motivates them to work hard and rewards their successes will see the greatest return on investment: loyal employees that are committed to helping your business achieve its long-term objectives.



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