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Reducing operating costs: start with your warehouse cleaning procedure

There are many ways companies can reduce costs. Experts generally recommend reviewing how much distribution, packaging and labour is costing the company. They also usually tell companies to look at the financial impact of low productivity and the price of utilities such as electricity, heat and water.

You are likely already aware of all of these key costs, but have you thought about innovative ways of reducing some of them?


To run a truly successful business you need to think outside the box.  

There are five main business expenses that an air purification system can help you reduce. Don’t believe us? We have proof.

Here’s how:




A clean warehouse is a motivating, productive working environment, but janitorial services don’t come cheaply. Excellent hygiene is an ongoing, expensive concern and with routine site inspections and quality control checks, you can scarcely afford to neglect it.

However, you can afford to spend significantly less on these services if you implement the right air purification system. By capturing the airborne particles before they settle on your equipment, these systems can cut janitorial costs – without forcing you to compromize on hygiene and cleanliness.

“We have seen a significant reduction in the time spent on cleaning and maintaining our production tools. Now, our finished and semi-finished products are kept clean, we have reduced the risks to our machines, and our staff are thrilled to see that we've taken their expectations on board.” – Raybond, France




Heating is always costly, but it can become prohibitively expensive if the climate in your country means that you need to heat the entire warehouse throughout the year. Without warm summers and springs, your heating bill exponentially increases. Worse still, the warmth you do pay for has a habit of rising towards the ceiling.

By using the ceiling-to-floor air circulation provided by a quality purification system, you can limit the need to generate warm air – and the need to pay quite so much for it. In some cases, the effect can be a drastic improvement: one logistics company found that it could reduce the temperature difference between ceiling and floor from 3 degrees Celsius to only 0.2 degrees Celsius – resulting in a 15% reduction in heating costs.

“The staff […] noted that the working environment had become warmer and more pleasant. The reason for this is that the air purifiers force down the heat that otherwise ‘hangs’ in the air below the ceiling.” – Posten, Sweden.


Equipment maintenance and repair


Airborne particles may not seem an especially pressing concern – indeed, sometimes they might not even be visible – but they can have a dramatic, negative effect on the efficiency of your equipment. They attract moisture and oil mist (even if the equipment isn’t exposed to water) and can damage your goods and machinery. The unnecessary cost of repairing and maintaining these items can accumulate over time. 

According to original research from Zehnder, you can save up to 30% in maintenance and repair costs when you implement an air filtration system. With the superior air quality it provides, you can also see a reduction in equipment downtime.

“There is an enormous number of forklift trucks driving around our distribution center, all of which contain electrical components. Previously we had to blow out the components to get rid of the dust. We can clearly see that there is much less dust there now. That greatly reduces the risk of malfunctions.” – Ahold, Netherlands.


Employee absenteeism and high staff turnover


A healthier workforce is a more productive one, but a dust-ridden warehouse environment isn’t conducive to a healthy workforce. It can increase absenteeism through illnesses such as sore throats, sinus infections and headaches. When your warehouse is unclean, you’re betraying your duty of care to your employees, and your duty to deliver maximum returns to your shareholders.

Thankfully, air cleaning technology makes this entirely avoidable. With purified air, staff absenteeism will decrease by 40%. You can put that money towards further employee care – either by offering further training to your current team, or by hiring new workers to bolster it. 

Coop logistics in Switzerland proves the value of clean air. “Since installing Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, absenteeism has been almost cut in half. The previously high rate of 5.8% on an annual average is now at a benchmark level of 3.9%. As mentioned, it is obvious that the employees are more content and happier. The absence rate has improved and we are happy to work here." – Coop, Switzerland.


Air handling


The most obvious benefit of a purification solution is that you can remove the logistical burden of managing your existing, less comprehensive extraction or filtration measures. In some cases, our clients have cut up to 50% of their air handling costs – a major saving on the labour and servicing costs involved in replacing the filters.

Airxchange in the USA discovered the benefit of a significant reduction in filter changes in HVAC and dust collection equipment, resulting in approximately $5,000 in annual savings.

“It’s much easier for budgeting purposes and there’s an immediate return on investment, with savings realised shortly after installation.” – Airxchange, USA.

If you implement an efficient warehouse cleaning procedure that includes an air purification system, you can cut some of your most significant costs, improve your employees’ health, and boost productivity and profitability. It’s not the most obvious way to slash your expenses, we’ll admit – but when last did anybody get ahead by doing the obvious thing?



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