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Improve customer satisfaction with industrial air purification

When your products are delivered to your customers in good condition and on time, it has a positive impact on their satisfaction levels and will help you remain their first choice. People can be quick to complain if they are not happy with the goods they receive – which makes keeping customers satisfied a challenging, yet very necessary, task. If your goods are unclean, customers will complain and your reputation in the market will suffer. To improve how your customers feel about your goods and services, you need to keep and deliver your products in pristine condition.


Looking clean in your customers’ eyes


Due to the nature of the wholesale and logistics industries, storage and transport areas can get dusty very easily. The dirt has to settle somewhere and invariably your goods will end up coated in dust and thus, look unclean in your customers’ eyes.

Most companies are aware of this problem and attempt to address it by intensifying their cleaning regimes. Not only does this additional cleaning become very costly, it cannot prevent the distribution of particulate matter in the air.

Göttsche Getränke GmbH & Co., a large beverage wholesaler based in Hamburg, was experiencing this very problem. The company needed an efficient solution to minimise dust levels in its logistics halls.

“Our primary objective was to significantly reduce dust levels for our goods and employees and in so doing, improve our customer satisfaction ratings.” - Andrea Wipprecht, Head of Warehouse Logistics & Logistics Projects.


Reducing customer complaints


Göttsche Getränke GmbH & Co. KG installed Zehnder’s industrial air purification system and managed to solve their dust problem. At Göttsche Getränke, Zehnder developed a bespoke solution to ensure optimum purification of the warehouse in accordance with the company’s customer requirements. The outcome was extremely positive.

“Thanks to the industrial air purification system, we have been able to significantly reduce the number of customer complaints by an estimated 70%. The surfaces of our bottles and boxes are considerably cleaner which has also reduced the amount of cleaning work required.” - Andrea Wipprecht, Göttsche Getränke GmbH & Co. KG


Clean air, clean goods and happy customers


With the help of an industrial air purification system you can make sure that your products are always stored and delivered in pristine condition. The result? Happy, loyal customers who will return to your business for goods and services time and time again.



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