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Keep your warehouse warm with Zehnder industrial air purification

The cold winter months are synonymous with the extra expense of heating costs. Heating your warehouse and all its working areas is an unavoidable necessity that can become even more expensive if not managed efficiently. Hot air has a tendency to almost disappear as soon as it’s been created which can further increase heating costs. There is no way you can ignore your indoor heating requirements but there is a way of reducing the associated expense.


The importance of heat


A cold working environment will result in employee health issues such as seasonal coughs and colds. As such, productivity will be affected and certain deliverables could be missed.

The cold can also negatively impact your operating equipment. According to this article published in Manufacturers’ Monthly, machinery can become brittle in low temperatures. The drop may only occur overnight while your warehouse is closed but as a result, your equipment could take longer to get started in the morning. So, while you might be trying to save on costs by switching off your heating system overnight, the daily operational inefficiencies could cost you more in the long-run.

Heating your warehouse throughout winter is thus, non-negotiable. What you need is an efficient way to keep your working environment warm without incurring excessive, unnecessary costs.  

What if we told you that this is possible? 


Retain heat with Zehnder industrial air purification


While clean air and heating are not commonly thought of as factors that work together, an industrial air purification system can actually help keep the air in your warehouse warm.


It’s actually quite simple.

As you know, hot air rises. This means that the air heated by your heating system is currently getting stuck near the ceiling, leaving the floor area (where your employees and equipment are) cold.

To keep the warehouse consistently warm then, you have to use more expensive energy resources to pump heat into the air – which only provides brief relief before the hot air disappears up.

This is where an industrial air purification system comes in. A system like Zehnder Clean Air Solutions will, in addition to purifying your air, also circulate it from ceiling to floor. This means that the air heated by your warehouse’s heating system won’t all get stuck close to the ceiling. Instead it will be effectively distributed through your warehouse providing better heat that is evenly circulated.

Keeping your warehouse consistently warm doesn’t have to be a costly challenge! Consider adding an industrial air purification system to complement your existing heating system and enjoy a warmer and less expensive winter.


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