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Create a healthy working environment and reduce your employees’ sick leave

Is your business’ productivity hampered by a high rate of staff absenteeism? Employees that are frequently on sick leave could put your bottom line in danger. Workers will also become demotivated and unhappy if they keep falling ill, which could lead to a high staff turnover, that will also cost your company money.

Have you considered that the problem could be the workplace itself? It’s true, your working environment could be what’s harming your bottom line by making your employees sick. 

If this is so, the only way you’ll be able to reduce the amount of sick leave your staff take, and consequently boost your bottom line, is to improve their working conditions. First though, you have to identify the source of the problem.


The air we breathe


Most factories and warehouses have poor indoor air quality as a result of airborne particles such as flour and wood dust circulating freely. In fact, the indoor air quality at many sites is much worse than that of the air outside. But while outdoor air quality is heavily regulated, when it comes to indoor air quality legislation is behind.

While the WHO has some guidelines on indoor air quality, there are no hard limits, which means that companies aren’t legally obliged to address this issue.

To find out how dangerous the indoor air at work really is Zehnder studied the levels of particle matter within the air at 100 warehouses and logistics centres across Europe and the results were shocking. At 82% of the locations, the indoor air exceeded the outdoor air pollutant particle limit of 50μg/m3, with levels far beyond 150μg/m3 measured in a quarter of the companies. This means that the quality of air in these workplaces was the same as a busy street in a city with dangerously high outdoor air pollution.

If you take into account that most employees spend around eight hours a day at work, it’s not difficult to see how poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health problems.

Spending much time in this polluted environment can lead to severe breathing problems for your employees and cause allergic reactions and much suffering. According to Safeworkers.co.uk, as many as 3,000 workers develop occupational asthma each year, while up to 4,000 more who already have the condition are made worse by their work environment.

But the risks associated with bad indoor air quality doesn’t end there – exposure to high levels of indoor air pollution can also lead to other serious health issues including heart attacks, strokes and possibly diabetes. In fact, the British Medical Journal has published research that indicates that an increase in pollutants by only 10μg/m3 of air, can increase the probability of cardiac problems for those exposed on a regular basis by 13%.

The most efficient way to create a healthy working environment is to make sure that the quality of air in your factory or warehouse is good. Installing an air purification system, like Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, is one way to do this. It works by filtering and cleaning the air, dramatically reducing the amount of dust particles allowed to settle on machines, products or people. In fact, the installation of our system can reduce the dust on your production site by up to 90%. This significant dust reduction will not only make your employees healthier, but as they will be less inclined to take sick leave, your productivity and profits will rise too.


More workplace health risks


Breathing and air quality-related problems are just some of the health risks caused by a poor working environment. As a manager, there are some more issues you should look out for and try to prevent to provide your employees with a healthy working environment.


Back Pain

This is a common work-related illness. It’s usually brought on by manual lifting, repetitive tasks, driving or sitting at poorly designed work stations for long periods of time. To reduce the risk of your employees experiencing debilitating back pain, keep manual lifting to a minimum (if possible) and make sure your workstations are designed with a healthy posture in mind.


Hearing Damage

If your factory is noisy, make sure your employees are wearing ear protection at all times to reduce the risk of permanent damage.


Skin Diseases

If your business handles hazardous chemicals and substances, then your workers are at risk of contracting a skin disease. Dermatitis and urticarial are probably the most common examples, although skin cancer can also be a concern for people working outside or near certain chemicals. To reduce this risk, consider having your workers wear protective clothing, as well as installing an industrial air purification system to remove hazardous chemicals from the air.

Safeguarding the health of your employees is good for your business’ bottom line. By improving your staff’s working conditions, you will improve their wellbeing and reduce their need for sick leave. Why not install an air purification system and see the astonishing results for yourself? Ultimately, this will increase your productivity and profits.

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