19.06.2017 Author: Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Boost your reputation with environmentally friendly recycling

Sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important. We now live in an age where prospective employees, customers and suppliers consider how ‘green’ a company is before choosing to work with it. Being “green” is a seal of approval, either chosen by oneself or – even better – given by an audit. As climate change issues become more pronounced, and people become more aware of how crucial it is to minimise waste at home and in the workplace, recycling companies are busier than ever before.


Ironically, some recycling companies are not in fact practicing environmentally friendly recycling measures in their processes. While many may believe that the ends justify the means, your business could unfortunately be doing more harm to the environment than help.

According to this article published on Listverse, the recycling process itself produces a lot of pollutants and companies can be heavily penalised for not adhering to local legislation. Here’s an example: this recycling plant in the USA has been repeatedly fined for violating the Clean Air Act.

The reality is, recycling used materials is an industrial process that can result in harmful fumes and high levels of dust. If you’re worried about your recycling plant’s processes polluting the air and damaging your reputation in the industry – here’s what you can do about it.


How to ensure environmentally friendly recycling processes


Companies across all industries are significantly reducing their negative impact on the environment with the help of industrial air purification systems - and recycling plants can do the same.

By installing Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, recycling companies can drastically reduce the amount of air pollution they create, and literally – walk the talk. Our Clean Air Solutions can help you reduce the dust and fumes in your plant by up to 90%. It’s a massive boost for the environment – and for your reputation as an environmentally friendly recycling business.

Not only can you wear your ‘green’ badge with pride, a reduction in dust and pollutants will also improve the quality of your workplace. This will improve your employees’ sense of well-being and very likely help you cut down on time spent cleaning your site – both of which will save you money in the long-run. If your recycling plant is kept consistently dust-free, you’ll also be ready for inspection at all times.

Waste disposal company, Vestforbrænding, in Denmark experienced this first-hand. The company was struggling with the amount of dust created when waste material was transported and crushed. After installing Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the company saw a notable improvement in the condition of its facility.

"It is really impressive,” said safety representative Benny Nielsen. “You can clearly see on machinery and window sills that there is less dust now. A couple of years back we got new doors in this silo that we lock every night, and when we open them in the morning we notice that the air is much better."

If you’re in the recycling business, you’ve already decided to do your bit for the environment. Make sure you don’t do more harm than good and commit to environmentally friendly recycling processes. Whether you have a small or large recycling operation, with the help of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions you can ensure your facility doesn’t create more air pollution – and becomes a truly environmentally friendly recycling business you can be proud of.


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