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Safeguard your corporate image with an industrial air purification system

How somebody dresses or looks can influence how we respond to them – even if that initial judgement proves to be incorrect. From an evolutionary standpoint, first impressions are important survival tactics that can help us quickly determine whether or not we’re at risk.

Until we have more information at hand, we judge based on external factors and this applies to how we engage with brands too. If your company’s corporate image is positive, then your goods and services become a customer’s preferred choice, increasing your overall value in the market.


First impressions last

Your company’s long-term growth depends on its reputation. A healthy corporate image takes time to build and plays an important part in maintaining and attracting business. It also needs constant vigilance to ensure that years of hard work are not undone in a second. All it takes is one delivery of unclean goods for your reputation to be impacted. If not checked immediately the damage can result in a failed health inspection, and worst of all, unhappy customers.

Looking bad in the eyes of customers, employees or stakeholders is not good for business. In today’s competitive world, it’s more important than ever to maintain your reputation and keep those customers coming back for more. 


Keep your image clean

Key to building a rock solid reputation is having a quality product supported by great customer service that is responsive and timely, delivering your goods in a clean, working condition. Any inefficient operational processes that affect the quality of your end-product will put your reputation at risk.

In addition, visitors to your site will form an opinion of your company based on what they see. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to make sure that the image your working environment portrays is clean and professional. You might think you’ve got this covered with strict hygiene checks and practices for employees and routine machine maintenance, but have you ever considered the quality of the air circulating during production? Perhaps not, but Tuko Logistics in Finnland had no choice.

“You could still feel the dust, even though the areas were cleaned regularly,” relates Pasi Joronen, Production Manager at Tuko Logistics.

“The dust was causing some serious problems for our business: customers were constantly complaining that the goods they were receiving from us were dirty – particularly those that sat in storage for some time – and a corporate health report highlighted the health risks associated with over-exposure to high levels of dust. Needless to say our employees were not happy with their working conditions. To protect our employees’ health as well as our reputation, we needed a solution fast.”


Thinking outside the box

Tuko Logistics realized that too many airborne particles were affecting the quality of its products and the health of its employees. The company then installed an industrial air purification system, which solved its problem.  

Don’t let dust harm your reputation by damaging your business operations and the quality of your goods. With a good industrial air purification system, high levels of cleanliness can be maintained with up to 70% less effort. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions reduce dust particles by up to 90%.


Four reputational benefits of clean air:

1. Now that your stock is not sitting in a dusty warehouse, your customers will receive their goods in pristine condition with no cause for complaints.

2. With equipment running smoothly, clean stock can be delivered on time. No delays mean happier customers.

3. A constantly clean warehouse will pass scheduled (and unexpected) health inspections more easily.

4. Visitors will be impressed. Current and prospective customers will like what they see if the working environment is clean, productive and healthy.



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